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The Troop Swim occurs nearly every year at Horseshoe and is one of the highlights of the week. As a group, the Troop heads over to the pool for our designated swim time (often to be shared with another troop). Some scouts prefer simply to wade in the White section or to dive and/or jump in the Blue but the main event is in the Red section.

Pool Rules can be found here.

Information on the swim test and pool sections can be found here.

Water PoloEdit

The Red section is home to the annual troop water polo game. The game is completely disorganized with frequently lopsided and unmarked teams as mobs of scouts and scoutmasters struggle to secure victory for their team. The ladder rungs are used as goals posts and a volley ball substitutes for an official water polo ball.

The game quickly devolves into massive scrums for control of the ball with older scouts trying to strip the ball while younger scouts simply pile on top. Rules are practically nonexistent and score is very loosely kept in this friendly yet rough game.