"Troop Shoot" refers to two different events at Horseshoe. The more common usage is for the Rifle Shoot while the other event is the Archery Shoot. Each troop has the opportunity to sign up for a troop shoot at either location. If they receive a slot then at one of the siestas during the week their troop will be scheduled to shoot.

Like the Troop Swim, troops often will share the event. The distance from Lisle to the Archery Range and especially up to the Rifle Range is also an issue. Scouts only have a limited time to get to the location, shoot, and then get back to camp so they don't miss their next activity.

Both activities are not to be confused with the Inter Troop Shoots which are competitions involving only a handful of scouts from each troop.

Rifle ShootEdit

This shoot used to also include shotgun but in recent years it has been reduced simply to the .22 caliber rifles of the camp. Scouts will cycle through the range in groups of eight to fire five rounds of ammunition each. Depending on the time allotted, if the range is shared with another troop, the attendance from Paoli 1, and the speed of the range instructors each scout may only get to shoot once or they may get to shoot for upwards of four rounds. Scouts get to keep their targets as a souvenir of the event.

Archery ShootEdit

The Archery Shoot gives scouts much more time to actually shoot. It is closer to Lisle, fewer scouts attend, it is usually not shared with another troop, and there are fewer safety precautions due to the nature of the bows. Therefore scouts will be able to quickly cycle through the firing stations six or more times during this event.