Each summer, Paoli 1 goes on one or two high adventure trips after attending Horseshoe. The trips last at least a week and generally take the Troop far from the Philadelphia area, across the United States, and even sometimes out of the country. The nature of these trips varies from year to year with and may include any combination of hiking, backpacking, camping, cooking, Scuba Diving, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, various types of climbing, shooting, and even just sightseeing. The Troop also attempts to rotate the High Adventure Bases so all scouts will have an opportunity to attend each one.

Past Summer Trips[edit | edit source]

2019: Philmont, NM and Adirondacks, NY

2018: Monongahela, WV

2017: Northern Tier, MN/Canada

2016: White Mountains, NH

2015: Sea Base, FL and Lows Lake, NY

2014: Blue Ridge Mountains, NC

2013: Philmont, NM and Allagash, ME

2012: Baxter State Park (Mt. Katahdin), ME

2011: Northern Tier, MN/Canada and World's End, NY

2010: White Mountains, NH

2009: Philmont, NM and Adirondacks, NY

2008: Sea Base, FL and Vermont Long Trail, VT

2007: Great Smokey Mountains (and Linville Gorge)

2006: Baxter State Park (Mt. Katahdin), ME and Chochoquanne

2005: Linville Gorge and National Jamboree

2004: Philmont and New Hampshire

2003: Utah

2002: Adirondacks

2001: West Virginia

2000: Temagami, Canada

1999: Vermont Long Trail

1998: Chochoquanne

1997: Adirondacks and Alaska

1996: Big South Fork

1995: New Hampshire and Vermont

1994: Maine

1993: Missinaibi

1992: Green Mountain, Vermont and Europe

1991: Algonquin Canada

1990: Adirondacks

1989: Quebec

1988: Adirondacks

1987: Missinaibi

1986: Adirondacks

1985: San Juan, Utah

1984: Europe and Temagami, Canada

1983: Adirondacks

1982: Temagami, Canada

1981: Adirondacks

1980: Delaware River

1979: Adirondacks

1978: Delaware River

1977: Aligonquin and Mt. Rainier

1976: Delaware River

1975: Abitbi Canada

1974: Aligonquin

1973: Adirondacks

1972: Aligonquin

1971: Adirondacks

1970: Philmont

1969: Adirondacks

1968: Aligonquin

1967: Adirondacks

1966: New Hampshire

1965: Grand Tetons

1964: Aligonquin

1963: Adirondacks

1962: Philmont

1961: Adirondacks

1960: CT

1958: Philmont

1957: Appalachian Trail

1946: Adirondacks

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