The Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) is the highest position of responsibility within the Troop. The SPL is in direct control of the senior scouts of his Staff Patrol and supervises the operation of the other patrols of the Troop. Like all PORs, the SPL serves for a one year term beginning and ending at the Birthday's change of command ceremony.  Each SPL is given his own pennant identical to that of the SPL Guide-On in recognition of his service to the Troop for his year. This tradition was started at the 97th Birthday.

SPL is an acceptable POR for rank advancement (although most SPLs are already Eagle Scouts. The SPL's patch is a large tan circle with three green horizontal bars. A silver Scouting Fleur-de-lis is on top of those bars and the words "Senior Patrol Leader" form an arch above it in green.

Paoli 1 SPLs[edit | edit source]

2019-20, 109th Birthday - Ross Curcio

2018-19, 108th Birthday - Jack Roadcap

2017-18, 107th Birthday - Leo Chen

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