Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus or simply "SCUBA" is the most common form of modern underwater diving. It is notable because Paoli 1 has an active SCUBA diving program. Every few years the Troop runs a SCUBA Certification Course typically through Aqua Adventures. Scouts in the program will learn the basics of SCUBA including both classroom instruction as well as actual pool time with the equipment. After becoming familiar with SCUBA in a controlled environment and after gaining the necessary knowledge about SCUBA equipment and safety, those in the program will take their certification test and make an "open water dive." This is done either in a Pennsylvania quarry or occasionally a special trip is run to the Caribbean to do the certification in warmer and clearer waters. Once certified, scouts can participate in Paoli 1 SCUBA trips which includes attending the SCUBA program at Sea Base. Like most skills learned in Scouting, this SCUBA certification is not limited to the Troop's activities but can be used to dive anywhere in the world, and so long as equipment and training is kept up-to-date it may last for a lifetime of diving.

Paoli 1 Scuba Trips:Edit

Sea Base BSA High Adventure Base

Bahamas Certification Dive

Quarry Certification Dive

Aqua Adventures Certification, Training, and Refresher Courses

Horseshoe SCUBA Demonstrations