The Scoutmaster is the senior adult leader of Paoli 1. He does not, however, lead the Troop. Scouting is boy led. The Scoutmaster is there to make sure the Troop runs smoothly but not to directly take command. The Scoutmaster's duties include:

Jim Roadcap, incumbent Scoutmaster as of 2012.

  • Supervising all activities and ensuring that the scouts are safe.
  • Mentoring the boys, especially the senior youth leaders of the Troop.
  • Working with the boys to plan and execute trips.
  • Maintaining the business and financial end of the Troop.
  • Liaising with the community, scout parents, and the Troop Committee.
  • Performing minor ceremonial roles at Scouting events.
  • Helping all boys to advance in rank and skills.
  • Organizing and delegating the above tasks to his cadre of Assistant Scoutmasters and the supporting group of interested parents and alumni.
  • Acting as a role model and an ideal scout to the boys.

Scoutmaster is a demanding and selfless job yet a Scoutmaster's impact on the boys he mentored and the community he served is immense.

A list of Paoli 1 Scoutmasters can be found here.

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