More so than any other piece of the Uniform, socks are irregular. Socks change drastically with the seasons and like boots they are not always required to be of a standard issue.

Summer SocksEdit

In the summer, scouts are to wear official "centennial" scout socks. Paoli 1 switched to the current BSA hiking sock shortly after it was introduced. It is a dark olive drab green and although dubbed a "knee sock" it comes high up the leg but not all the way up to the knee like the old socks (NOTE: There is also a "crew" size which is shorter and thus not part of the uniform). The letters "BSA" are printed at the top of the sock.

The socks are to be worn pulled as high as they'll go so they are tight to the skin rather than crumpled up and pushed down to the shoe. This new model of sock is meant to improve upon the older model by providing more support and protection so it can be used for actual outdoor activities rather than just as part of a uniform. Despite this increased capability, we advise scouts to continue to wear the socks for uniform purposes rather than using them just like any other sock.

Winter socksEdit

When the Troop switches to the winter uniform the socks change from standard BSA issue to warmer wool socks. Like boots, the socks are not uniform but instead follow a looser dress code. So long as the socks are wool hiking socks then they are fine. The long pants typically conceal them from view anyway so it is little issue. These socks should probably be the same wool hiking socks you would use on any trip so you don't need a special uniform pair or anything like that.

The Old SocksEdit

Before switching to the new type, Paoli 1 wore BSA knee socks in the summer. They were a lighter olive drab than the new socks and also had a bright red band around the top of the sock. The old socks were also significantly thinner and less cushioned than the new socks.
IMG 0047-M

The Troop wearing the old socks during the 2009 Memorial Day Parade

It was even more important to pull the knee socks all the way up, which often brought them above the knee. Once fully extended, you fold the sock back down over itself so that the green section goes up and then the entire red section is folded down. Then the red section is folded back up on itself so it only appears half length.