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"Call me 'Dick', damn it!"

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Dick 99th birthday

Dick speaking at the 99th Birthday.

Full name: Richard Titus Bensing. Although he did not join Paoli 1 until the 50s, Richard "Dick" Bensing has been just as influential as the Troop's founding leaders. Dick was patrol leader of the Wolf Patrol in 1960 and was Senior Patrol Leader at the 50th Birthday. He is a Paoli 1 Eagle Scout and has been honored by the Order of the Arrow as a Vigil Member for all of his tireless service. He served for twenty years as Scoutmaster during which time fifty Paoli 1 scouts earned their Eagles.

Since stepping down from the position he has continued as an active assistant scoutmaster who works in nearly every field of oversight from maintaining the grounds to aiding advancement, providing Troop history to ensuring the scouts are properly equipped. Dick also continues to be a mentor to scouts in the Troop and has been a driving force in many Eagle projects. He is also a major contributor of time and labor to Camp Horseshoe and the Horseshoe Alumni Association. The extensive building projects that have converted Lisle Campsite into what it is now is also largely thanks to Dick.

Although Scouting and Paoli 1 have been a large part of Dick's life it is not all that defines the man. Dick is an architect and contractor by profession. When not building for the scouts he is out building for the members of the community. Dick's interest in the outdoors goes beyond Scouting and into the field of gardening. His service to the community also includes serving in the U.S. military in his youth.

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Awards Received

Sydney Walter LeSueur Memorial Trophy (1958)

Sydney Scoutmaster's Cup (1958)

The Efficiency Cup (1960)

Troop Committee Award (1961)

Ideal Scout (2010)

Dick the Ideal Scout


Dick ideal scout

Dick Bensing after receiving the first Paoli 1 "Ideal Scout" award.