Throughout the year, scouts are awarded points for participating in various scouting activities. These points are used for the Inter Patrol Contest (IPC). Each scout's points are pooled with the points of the other members of their respective patrol: Wolf, Lion, Eagle, Color, and Fox (Staff Patrol does not participate though sometimes they are jokingly included as the winner). At every PLC, the patrol scribes must turn in their patrol's points electronically to the Troop scribe who keeps records of all the submitted points. Any month of points that is not submitted on time will not be counted and thus greatly reduce a patrol's standing in the contest. At the end of the year, the Troop scribe will total the points submitted by all the patrols. At the Birthday the winner of the contest is announced and that patrol receives the Inter Patrol Contest Cup.

Points can be earned for nearly every scouting activity. Participation and attendance at meetings and trips are a staple of the contest. Extra points are awarded for hours spent on service projects as well as progress in advancement for both rank and merit badges. The results of uniform inspections from Troop Meetings are also factored in as are discretionary points sometimes awarded by the SPL and his staff for special tasks completed by individuals or patrols.

Points SheetEdit




counted at the troop meeting

Tenderfoot 400
Second Class 600
First Class 800
Star 400
Life 600
Eagle 2000
Merit Badge 200

Troop Events:

Meeting 200 per man
Events 200 per man per day

Full Patrol

500 per man

Horseshoe 2000 per man
First 500
Second 300
Third 200
Fourth 100
Patrol Events
Meeting 200 per man
Patrol Sleepout 200 per man
Service Project 100 per man per hour
Den Chief 200 per meeting/event
Patrol Cooking Contest:
1st 500
2nd 300
3rd 200
4th 100
Late point turn in -1000 per week