Since Paoli 1 is a boy run organization, the SPL and Scoutmaster hold a meeting (the "PLC") usually on the first week of every month with the senior scouts of the troop. Scouts from the positions of Assistant Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader, and members ofStaff Patrol may attend the meeting to discuss various topics and form the council.

Uniform[edit | edit source]

For the incoming assistants who have never been to a PLC, the dress code is casual. There is no need to wear Class A, although it is recommended.

Meeting[edit | edit source]

The scouts will sit around in a circle with the adults on the outside. The SPL will talk with each Patrol Leader or Assistant about patrol activities, meetings, members, points (which are due monthly at every PLC) etc. Once each patrol has been reviewed, the SPL will share future events such as camping trips or Eagle Projects. The council as a whole will make decisions regarding the troop.

Adults may also participate by sharing information on future events or asking for help in recruiting activities.

Closing[edit | edit source]

The meeting closes with the SPL's dismissal at which, the scouts will put away the chairs and conclude any business with the others there, most notable the Scoutmaster who will likely be busiest at this time.

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