Patrol flags were add to a patrol's equipment during the Troop's tenth decade. Each patrol's standard roundel patch is copied onto the rectangular flag. The unofficial Staff Patrol flag would be the SPL's pennant or guidon. It is rectangular in nature but has a missing triangular portion giving it the "swallow-tailed" shape. It is half red and half white with the Paoli 1 emblem in the center. It symbolizes leadership of the troop and is not used outside of the Change of Command Ceremony. Outgoing SPLs keep their guidon as a memento of their time leading the troop.

Patrol Flag UsesEdit

The flag pole is similar to the standard patrol staffs and thus is often used as the patrol leader's staff during the Birthday drilling competition.

Patrol Leaders using their patrol flags during the Birthday Drilling competition.

The flag also sees use at the Birthday during Full Field. When entering, typically the youngest scout in the patrol will run with the flag beside the patrol's trek cart. The flag is then placed into a holder buried on the field and remains to mark that patrol's position on the field for most events. The flag is also used during the knot relay as the pole around which a patrol must tie their knots.

The patrol flags are also brought down to Camp Horseshoe where they are placed to mark each patrol's pavilion. During the water fight and other troop games, the flags are sometimes used to literally make the game "capture the flag".