Neckerchief and Slide with a white lanyard.

The neckerchief and slide are both part of the Class A Uniform. Senior scouts with the position of APL or above also wear lanyards over and around the neckerchief. These uniform pieces are worn (and best stored) together in the style shown in the image to the right.


Paoli 1 wears a red neckerchief with the BSA logo on the back. The neckerchief is to be folded so the point of the white diamond on the rear is at the very top of the fold (see image below). The free ends of the neckerchief are then tied with a square knot and buttoned into the wool shirt at the second or third button from the top. The neckerchief's emblem is to be centered and level on the back of the neck.
The bottom point of the neckerchief has a tendency to be turned/folded upward both through the act of simply putting it on or any serious physical activity that might disturb it. Scouts should be on the lookout for upturned neckerchiefs, both their own and others, and attempt to flatten them back down at all times.


The leather "slide" does just as the name implies. It slides up the end of the neckerchief and holds it all together at the neck just like the knot of a tie would. The slide is turned so that the metal fasteners holding it together face inward and are not visible. It is required for a scout to have his name in his slide. They are the most frequently misplaced and easiest to lose item. The quartermaster rarely has an abundant supply of slides for replacements so do your best to hold onto yours. As mentioned above it is best to always keep the slide on the neckerchief even when it is not being worn. This prevents the slide from easily disappearing or even rolling away.


Assistant Patrol Leaders, Patrol Leaders, and Staff wear a lanyard with their neckerchief as a sign of their Position of Responsibility. The lanyard loops all around the neckerchief in a fairly complex fashion before ending in the left shirt pocket. More information on lanyards and how they are worn can be found here.