Morse Code Alphabet

Morse Code is an internationally used system to transmit letters, numbers, and other basic forms of punctuation in a simplified series of data, typically of the "dot dash" style. Paoli 1 holds a Morse Code event during the Annual Birthday Competition. The scouts use wooden light boxes to transmit their message across a field to a receiver. Dots are represented by short flashes of light, dashes by prolonged flashes of light. The code can be very difficult for scouts to memorize and even harder to learn how to properly send or receive. The best teams are not just those who know the code but those who have practiced regularly with their signalling. Every letter is important as the message is typically meant to challenge the senders either by the use of uncommon letters like "X" and "Z" as in "Mexican Pizza" or by altering a typically common phrase e.g. "Knock on Wood" becomes "Knock on Wookie".

A Morse Code card can be found here.

Other Codes[edit | edit source]

POW Code - A much simplified yet less well known code developed as one might expect by POWs in order to communicate in secret. This code is made only of dots with all letters lined up in a 5x5 grid (K is exclude and replaced in messages by C in order to create a 25 letter alphabet). The code for each letter is the row number and then the column number. E.g. "E" would be 1 dash and then 5 dashes since it is the fifth letter of the first row. "H" would be 2 dashes and then 3 dashes as the third letter of the second row.

POW Code is not permitted at the Birthday.

Scouting also has a tradition of signalling with flags. Paoli 1 does not hold any flag events but there is a flag signalling competition at Horseshoe during Paul Bunyan.

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