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Michael J. Magnotta III served as Scoutmaster of Paoli 1 from 2004 to 2012. He took over the reigns from Dick Bensing for a "one hour a week job" that would last for only a couple years. Instead, Scoutmaster became his primary profession for eight years until he handed the position to the next Scoutmaster, Jim Roadcap.

Troop Legacy

During his eight years of leadership and guidance, 28 boys have achieved the rank of Eagle Scout with many more on their way toward that accomplishment. The Cabin grounds have undergone numerous additions including the construction of the Hadden Garage and the Patrol Campsites not to mention renovations to the Climbing Tower, Bell Tower and minor additions like the wood shed and driveway signs. The forestry project which opened up much of the grounds was also done during his term and of course the Cabin itself has seen improvement. Camp Lisle at Horseshoe has also gone through major development during his time as Scoutmaster and Camp Horseshoe as a whole has seen other Paoli 1 projects improve the camp.

The Troop has run fourteen summer trips in the last eight years including trips to all three BSA High Adventure Bases allowing Paoli 1 scouts for the first time to earn the Triple Crown. Recruitment has remained high with the reactivation of Fox Patrol to handle the increased numbers and for the first time there has been major competition between scouts over the position of Patrol Leader as so many scouts remain in the program to reach the senior ranks.

SM Mike

Supervising the Sunday First Aid speech at Horseshoe's Picnic Grove

Perhaps the most telling legacy that he leaves the Troop is the development of the Man Scout Patrol. Although young alumni staying interested and the (somewhat) formal creation of the group was an initiative taken by the alumni alone, the "man scouts" are all Magnotta's Eagles. It was his influence that helped guide them through Scouting and it is his influence that has kept them around even after graduating from the Troop.

Magnotta Family

In addition to his work with the greater troop family, his own family has gone through Paoli 1 during his tenure as Scoutmaster. Both of his sons, Michael and Matt, have achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. Michael was the SPL for the 99th Birthday and Matt was the SPL for the 101st. His wife Teri has been a constant behind-the-scenes force
within the Troop both as the Scoutmaster's wife (Scoutmistress) and a two time Senior Patrol Leader's Mom. The Troop Auction, the after Birthday barbecue, and the Family Dinner are the result of her efforts.