Michael Kiniry is the son of William Kiniry Jr., Assistant Scoutmaster at Camp, and younger brother of Bill Kiniry. He joined Paoli 1 in the Spring of 2000 as a member of the Color Patrol shortly before the 89th Birthday. In 2002 he followed his brother to the Lion Patrol where he was Third Man for 2002-2003, APL for 2003-2004, and then PL for 2004-2005. After the 94th Birthday, he was called back from Staff to Lion to act as PL for a second term to fill the recent vacancy in leadership for the 2005-2006 year. He is currently the last Paoli 1 scout to serve two terms as Patrol Leader. For 2006-2007 he served as the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader under Matthew Kravitz and he succeed Matt as SPL for the 97th Birthday, 2007-2008. Michael received his Eagle Scout at the 96th Birthday in 2007 and was awarded the Silver Buckle at Horseshoe in 2007.

Michael has been an integral member in the growth of the Man Scout movement and is the current APL of the Man Scout Patrol. He is the founder and leader of Paoli 1 Airsoft, the founder of the Woolipedia Wiki, and as an Ordeal member of the Order of the Arrow he organizes Paoli 1's OA Pageants. He was also a member of the Drum and Bugle Corps since first joining the Troop, and since graduating from Paoli 1, has gone to all three BSA High Adventure Bases as an adult leader (having also gone to Philmont once before as a youth). He graduated from Villanova Law in May 2015, and will sit for the PA bar examination in July, 2015. Despite his large time commitments, he continues to participate in the Troop as an Assistant Scout Master.