The Horseshoe Scout Reservation Alumni Association (HSRAA) is a multipurpose alumni group that focuses on preserving Camp Horseshoe. It does this through physical projects to maintain and improve camp, many of which are led by Paoli 1's own Dick Bensing, the organization's Project Committe Chairman, with the help of Paoli 1 alumni and scouts. The HSRAA also works to preserve the memory of camp through communication, reunions, and a virtual museum.

The HSRAA website can be found here.

HSRAA ProjectsEdit

Construction of HSR NurseryEdit

A result of years of preparation, this project was finally completed (or nearly completed) in 2011 thanks to a grant from UPS and additional funding from the HSRAA. The nursery is a 60' x 42' foot enclosure protected by an 8' fence. It's primary purpose is to provide a location to raise trees and bushes before transplanting them onto the Horseshoe Grounds where they are needed. The nursery has the capacity to hold up to one thousand developing plants at a time. The secondary purpose is to act in conjunction with the camp's ecology and conservation department to use the nursery as part of their instruction both for merit badges and also simply as part of a message of conservation to the youth.

Picnic GroveEdit

Like the nursery project, work on the picnic grove has been ongoing for years. The grove used to be overgrown with green-briar encroaching on the parade field. From initial clearing efforts, this project has expanded into a constant endeavor to improve the area both by removing the many rocks in the region as well as attempting to handle the erosion problem that plagues this part of Horseshoe.

Parade FieldEdit

For those scouts old enough to remember, the HSR parade field didn't always look the way it does today. It has undergone a massive remodeling in the past decade in a project that has spilled over from the picnic grove project. The field used to be partially rocky and suffered an incredible elevation difference. Over the years the boundary to the field has been defined with a fine gravel path and stone wall, the field itself has been seeded and maintained to grow a thick layer of grass, and the top of the field has been greatly lowered to make the gradient more manageable. This has led to the construction of another large stone wall to hold back the hill by Headquarters and the construction of new troop flag poles on top of this wall.

HSRAA OfficersEdit

John Kemmerer - Chairman

Stuart Watson - Secretary

Donald Tyson - Treasurer

Dick Bensing - Project Committee Chairman

J.B. Rettew, Neil Chippendal, Ellie Rettew - Loop Editors (HSR Newsletter)