• Garage Front
  • Rear Second Floor Entrance
The Hadden Garage is the most recent structure built on the Paoli 1 Grounds. It is located directly adjacent to the driveway and opposite where the Cabin's parking lot begins. The addition of this large garage has allowed for more orderly storage of construction equipment and other Troop gear such as the trek carts. The Troop van and trailers can now also be stored indoors. In 2011 a second floor was added to the garage to provide even more available space. This second level opens in the opposite direction of the lower doors, directly onto the trek cart path. The upstairs portion now contains the cannon, trek carts, and equipment for the Drum and Bugle Corps.

Dedication Edit

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The Garage was built and dedicated in 2007 in honor of Paoli 1 Eagle Scout and Senior Patrol Leader Michael J. Hadden.