The Following are templates that are used for the Featured Article Section. Only "good" articles can be featured. The criteria for a good article are as follows:

1. Has a picture that, when reduced/expanded to 250px - 350px, still looks good.

2. Has at least two "sections".

3. Has a strong introductory paragraph.

4. Factually accurate and complete.

To turn a "good article" into a template, create a page titled Template:NameOfArticle1.  For example, Template:Richard T. Bensing1 is the template page for the article Richard T. Bensing.  Copy and paste the first paragraph of the actual article into the template, and move the picture to the left.  Resize the picture to 250 or 350px, depending on how big it gets. Publish, add a link here, and then add it to the Featured Article section of the home page, with {{ }} around it. For example, {{Template:Example1}}

Please do not edit these TEMPLATES. They are not the actual articles.

Family Dinner

Richard T. Bensing

The Birthday

Senior Patrol Leader

The Memorial Day Parade

Drum and Bugle Corps


Troop Auction

Lion Turkey Dinner

Special Winter Holiday Template

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