During the Memorial Day Parade it is not uncommon for the Troop to "Count Cadence". Rather than simply referring to the scout calling the actual cadence (left, left, left, right, left) the entire formation will join in as will the Drum and Bugle Corps. The command to begin is "Count Cadence, Count" to which the reply is:

  • One! Can't hear you.
  • Two! Little louder.
  • Three! That's better.
  • Four! Now you've got it.
  • One, Two,
  • Three, Four!
  • One Two Three Four.
  • One Two. Three Four!

The entire cadence is eight measures long (32 beats or steps) all eight lines have equal time. Note the punctuation in the counting of the numbers. In the first two sets each number is counted loudly and slowly (with two beats per number). In the next they are counted quickly in succession (one beat per number). In the final set the first two are paired (one beat each) then there is a rest (half a beat) and then the second two are said louder and quicker in a bit of a finale (one and a half beats shared for both).

Drum and Bugle CorpsEdit

Counting Cadence is typically accompanied by the base drum and one or two snare drums to help keep the beat and accent what the Troop is saying. Regardless of drum, drummers strike their instrument each time a number is called. In addition, during the last measure's half beat pause, the snare drum plays four quick notes to fill the gap.