• Sunday Lunch 2012
  • Conga Line 2009 compared to the other troop beside Paoli 1.
No, this page is not about a line dance. The Conga Line is used by Paoli 1 at Camp Horseshoe as a cover down command for a single file line. The command is given before each meal when the scouts are lining up to gain entry to the dining hall. Tthe troop with the straightest lines gain entry first.

Scouts do not actually put their hands on the shoulders of the scout in front of them but instead simply put their arms out straight and get close behind the man in front of them. All scouts must also look directly ahead to help them align themselves, avoid giving the illusion of a crooked line by having their head slightly sideways, and to simply follow the command by remaining rigidly straight. By being close together and bracketed by their own arms, the line naturally straightens itself making it easier for the scouts, with the help of the SPL and staff, to correct any minor crookedness in the line.

The command for this movement is "Conga line, cover down." Like all spacing movements the ending command is "Ready, front." at which the scouts will lower their hands promptly, but without slapping.