Justin Hood 99

Summer Class A Dress Uniform with OA Sash and Sailor Hat.

Class A Dress is worn only for the most official of events and is typically limited to the Troop Birthday. The Dress Uniform is exactly the same as regular Class A except it also includes all medals and ribbons the scout has earned. This may include those awarded at the Birthday or others received through scouting such as religious awards or heroism awards. Awards are to be placed above the left breast pocket, above the rank. Medals and pins are to be placed at the bottom with ribbons placed above them no more than three across. The Eagle medal is worn with both the dress uniform and standard Class A.

Class A Dress is typically worn with the sailor hats but the connection is merely coincidental. The two are separate descriptions to the uniform and do not need to occur simultaneously. Dress events are also usually OA events but the OA Sash is likewise not necessarily part of the Dress uniform.