Upon completing the requirements for a merit badge or rank , a scout must present himself before a Board of Review. The reviewing board is comprised of two adult leaders, each with a working knowledge of the topic up for review. Scouts are instructed to arrive at the Cabin early in full Class A Uniform . When called, the scout must "march" in, execute a right face, salute the American Flag, execute an about face, walk to the center of the room, and then proceed to execute the appropriate facing maneuver depending on the location of the reivew table. The scout must then salute the Board Examiners, introduces himself according to a prepared template, and states the subjects for which he is going to be reviewed. The scout then takes a seat, removes his hat and places it beside him, and the examination begins.

The Board Examiners will ask a series of questions on the subject under review, sometimes starting with the first requirement and working down the list, but sometimes starting in the middle or end. Scouts are required to know the subject material by heart, and while required to bring the merit badge book, (or scout handbook for rank) worksheets, and other documents, scouts are not allowed to refer to these materials during the Board except as a means to demonstrate their knowledge and accomplishments to the examiners.

Paoli 1 is significantly different than most troops in two ways regarding the Board of Review. First, unlike many troops who only have an Eagle Board, Paoli 1 has a Board of Review for every rank, and all merit badges. A scout must pass the scoutmaster conference and/or merit badge conference and then present the material discussed previously for review by the board. The second difference, and one worth noting, is that Paoli 1 Board Examiners will test the scout on more than what is in the merit badge book. Scouts are expected to look beyond the scope of the BSA materials, and take a real interest in the subject matter on which they wish to be reviewed. First Aid, in particular, is an area where simply studying the merit badge book just won't cut it.

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