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At the conclusion of every Birthday, awards are given out to individuals and patrols to recognize their achievement in various activities. A scout that is presented with an award will also receive a pin for his dress uniform. For some of the awards there is an accompanying trophy or plaque which will have the receiver's name engraved on it, adding to the long list of prior recipients. Many awards are given to individuals but others are patrol based awards.

First Class RecognitionEdit

The ceremony starts with the recognition of all scouts who have earned the rank of First Class since the last Birthday. The scouts are brought forward and applauded for their early progress. They are then given a copy of the Troop's History Book, both for their own use to read and learn about the Troop, but also to symbolize their own contributions to the Troop's history in the time they have been with Paoli 1.

Patrol Leader's Award (Patrol Medal)Edit

Awarded by the Patrol Leader to the member of his patrol who exhibited the most loyalty, support, and enthusiasm throughout the year. This award is often, but not always, given to the APL for his assistance throughout the year. The Patrol Leader's Award is a brass medal hanging from a maroon ribbon.

The Drum & Bugle Corps AwardEdit

Awarded by the captain of the Drum and Bugle Corps to an individual within the Corps. The criteria for this award can change from captain to captain and the choice of recipient is completely up to him. It may be given to the scout showing the most improvement, the most dedication scout, the most skilled scout, or even as a sort of Patrol Leader Award to someone who greatly assisted the captain in his duties. The Drum and Bugle Corps Award is a solid purple ribbon.

Duty Medals (Attendance Award)Edit

Awarded for superior attendance and advancement throughout the year. The recipients of this award are those boys who are truly "all out for Scouting" and are ever present at events. It is a square golden pin with a "1 Year" attachment hanging from it. Scouts who receive it several times will add more attachments for each year.

Patrol Advancement AwardEdit

Awarded to the patrol that accumulated the most advancements during the year including both rank and merit badges. The trophy is a sincere tribute to "The Colonel" as a former scoutmaster and devoted friend. The Advancement Award is represented with a solid yellow ribbon given to each member of the patrol as well as a large trophy for the patrol as a whole.

Troop Spirit AwardEdit

Awarded to the scout(s) below the rank of Patrol Leader (usually a new scout who has been to one previous Birthday) who optimizes the spirit of the Troop and the scouting movement. The recipient(s) receive a solid white ribbon and scout statuette trophy.

Recruit Of The Year AwardEdit

Awarded in memory of Thomas M. Patterson, Jr. to the recruit of the current year (i.e. a scout who has completed one full year with the Troop and thus has attended one Birthday before) who in the eyes of the Patrol Leaders and Staff has best exemplified the Paoli 1 spirit, worked actively with his Patrol, and achieved superior advancement in his first year. Recruit of the Year is a gold medal hanging from a red, white and blue ribbon.

First Aid PlaqueEdit

Awarded in memory of Sydney W. LeSueur, Jr. This plaque is awarded on the outcome of a competitive written examination covering all aspects of first aid. The scout with the highest score receives a green and white ribbon as well as the First Aid Plaque.

316th Infantry Drill TrophyEdit

Awarded by the 316th infantry in 1928 for excellence in the manual of arms, the award is still presented annually to the patrol which has preformed best in that year's drilling contests (not including the Birthday Drilling Competition). Each member of the winning patrol receives a blue and white ribbon and the patrol is awarded the 316th Guidon which has circular plaques marking each winning patrol around the pole.

Efficiency Cup Edit

Presented to Paoli Troop No. 1, B.S.A. by the officers of the 316th Infantry in 1941. It is awarded to the non-commissioned officer of the Troop who best exemplifies the quality of efficiency in the performance of his duties. The recipient of the Efficiency Cup receives a chrome medal hanging from a red, white, and blue ribbon in addition to the cup itself.

Paul Clark AwardEdit

Awarded to the scout who has demonstrated outstanding respect for and interest in the preservation of the cabin, the grounds, and the equipment of Paoli Troop No. 1. This award also has its own cup which is accompanied by a solid green ribbon.

Frank C. McCown III Troop Committee AwardEdit

Awarded to the non-commissioned officer of the Troop whose loyalty and service have been over and above the requirements of duty as decided by Paoli 1's Troop Committee. The recipient's name is added to the award's plaque and he is presented with a solid blue ribbon for his dress uniform.

Scoutmaster's CupEdit

Awarded by the Scoutmaster to the individual who has most loyally and effectively supported the Scoutmaster in the leadership of the Troop. This award is a solid red ribbon.

Note: There have been multiple Scoutmaster's Cup over the years.

Birthday PlaqueEdit

Awarded to the patrol that has "performed with the most efficiency" at the Annual Troop Birthday. In other words it is the patrol that has scored the most points and thus "won" the Birthday. Each member of the patrol is awarded a red and white ribbon and the patrol's victory is added to the Birthday Plaque.

Inter Patrol Contest CupEdit

Awarded to the patrol which accumulates the most points throughout the year in the Inter Patrol Contest which encompasses all scouting activities and service work. The patrol is added to the tower style cup and each patrol member receives a yellow and black ribbon.

Eagle AwardsEdit

The Rank of Eagle Scout is the highest rank in scouting. The requirements include the accumulation of twenty-one merit badges, leadership and organizational skills, and the completion of a comprehensive service project, which is designed to benefit the community at large. Eagle Scout represents several years of advancement and active participation in the Troop and is fittingly presented in a special ceremony often specially attended by local government representatives to honor Scouting's highest achievement. Both scouts and parents are recognized in this ceremony. The Eagle medal is presented as are special pins for parents and mentors. Other honors such as government honors are also presented.