The uniform includes two belts: the standard belt (known simply as the "belt") and a "canteen belt" web belt. The belt is worn through the loops of the pants and the canteen belt is worn over-top of the other belt. The belt is part of both the Class A and Class B uniform but the Canteen belt is only worn for the Class A.

"Senior scouts" over the age of fourteen wear white belts. Scouts thirteen and under wear green belts. It is required for every scout to have their name written on the inside of their belt because they are so easily misplaced or mixed-up especially at summer camp.


The proper uniform does not only include wearing the correct items of clothing but also wearing them properly. These belts as well as the wool shirt must be properly aligned with the pants (as seen in the picture above). The line of the shirt should continue directly down into the center line of the pants as if one continuous seam. The belt buckle should be directly centered over the button of the pants and the web belt should be centered on top of that.