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The Scoutmaster is supported in his duties by numerous Assistant Scoutmasters (ASMs) in order to lessen the burden on one man and to ensure that the Troop runs smoothly. Many of these assistants take on specialized roles within the Troop while others serve in multiple fields to assist wherever needed.

Assistant Scoutmaster of Advancement[edit | edit source]

This ASM oversees the monthly Board of Reviews, gathers volunteer Board Examiners, and maintains the Troop's Merit Badge Counselors. He is also in charge of handling the massive influx of blue cards from Horseshoe and other merit badges scouts may earn. Scouts with any questions regarding ranks or Merit Badges can seek guidance from this ASM. This ASM is also responsible for Eagle Boards. He is tasked with handling all paperwork required for approval of the rank and scheduling the board for each prospective Eagle Scout.

Current: Ed Trevisani

Assistant Scoutmaster of Grounds[edit | edit source]

The Assistant Scoutmaster of Grounds handles the day-to-day maintenance required for the Cabin. He works in conjunction with the youth Quartermaster of Grounds and helps to organize work days when needed. With projects like the massive tree removal on the grounds as well as Birthday preparations, grounds cane be an incredibly busy role.

Current: Paul Rote

Assistant Scoutmaster of Recruiting[edit | edit source]

The Assistant Scoutmaster of Recruiting and the youth Den Chiefs work with Cub Scout packs to recruit new members to the troop. Through numerous camping events, tours of the grounds, and meetings, the Troop is kept at a healthy level with a steady supply of new members. The ASM of recruiting also remains as a contact for new scouts in the Troop if they have any first-time questions.

Current: Jim Curcio

Assistant Scoutmaster in Camp[edit | edit source]

Tasked with ensuring that the Troop's week at Horseshoe is productive, fun, and safe, the Scoutmaster in Camp has an intense yet brief job. In addition to overseeing the Troop's campers, he is largely responsible for maintaining and improving Lisle campsite both during summer camp and throughout the year.

Current: Bill Kiniry

Miscellaneous Assistant Scoutmasters[edit | edit source]

Many leaders still contribute greatly to the program without having a specific role or designated title. For instance, Richard T. Bensing, although retired from the Scoutmaster position, continues to spend countless hours working on the Cabin, aiding the Boards, and assisting with Eagle projects.

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